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If you’re into your eclectic vintage miss-mash of crochet throw rugs to wrap up in to ward off this crazy wet weather, then head down to Wild Poppy in Freo. This shabby chic coffee hide out is just out of the way of freo’s main cafe strip which makes you feel all warm and cozy. The lovely friendly staff always have a smile on their face to greet you as you step into a collection of colourful couches, arm chairs and doily covered lamp shades hanging above. And the coffee is ok- but needs to be a bit warmer, especially in this cold weather. It was fine for the first few sips, but was cold by the end which was a bit disappointing. The english breakfast tea however- well they got that bang on colourful crochet tea cozy and all. It must be the alternative vibe urging you to drink tea over coffee. But i wanted my coffee…

The menu is also pretty groovy and cakes and sweet treats abound to tease you into submission. But don’t expect your muffin warmed up unless you ask.

You can always get a take-way Mr. or Mrs. for $4.10 but watch the temperature!

Overall, not a bad place to get coffee if you’re in need to shelter from the storm.

Wild Poppy Fremantle: 3/5 owls

Wild Poppy

Wild Poppy: FW and English Breakfast tea with tea cozy

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