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This intimate little coffee shop hidden amongst the industrial brick buildings, provides a cosy hide-away. We were so excited as we stepped inside and were hit with a delightful caffeinated aroma. As we ordered from the friendly staff and ascended the stairs into the attic space decked out with raw wood tables and suitcases hanging from the ceiling we took a table in the middle. The rustic atmosphere was completed by the melodic tones of Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones.

Much can be said about the first taste of a coffee. This usually starts with the froth on top which’s should invite you in with its hint of coffee and creamy milk. However, on this occasion I was shocked by the bitterness that met me. Unfortunately on further investigation the liquid underneath did not provide any relief, instead tasting bitter and burnt.

On this occasion the Attic disappointed, the coffee just didn’t match up to the great atmosphere. It was just not a memorable coffee experience.

The Attic Fremantle: 2.5/5 owls

The view from the attic: The Attic, Fremantle

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