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So we thought we’d start with a good grind. Affectionately named Chimbas to the locals, this coffee house does indeed serve up a good cup- if you can actually choose which type of coffee/ tea/ juice you want. Including the usual flat white, latte, cap there are also specialties such as the Nicky. The Nicky coffee is stronger then a latte but not quite a long mac but definitely enough the wake you up. I’m sure if you asked the lovely friendly staff they would be more then happy to give you a more detailed explanation including where the beans came from and how long ago they were ground. 

They also have a delectable range of teas (my personal favourite is the lemongrass) and juices (can’t go past the watermelon and mango… wow). They also have a great breakfast menu, cakey things and lunch noms. 

Its a place to get a good daily grind. 

Chimbalino Eric St: 4/5 owls 


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