Ootong & Lincoln: South Terrace, South Fremantle


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Quintessential Fremantle. Fremantle at its best. Never have I had such a buzz on a Sunday going out for a coffee as at Ootong & Lincoln. As we walked in to this lively cafe, the funky sounds of Steve Andrews live, were there to greet the Sunday crowd.

Decked out with hanging jar lights and tricycles, this place is just tingling with atmosphere. We grabbed a seat and listened to the beats for a short time before our coffee came. This is obviously a well kept secret by the locals who had all come to enjoy the vibe with their families, friends, newspapers and computers.

The service was excellent and the coffee was even better. Perfect temperature, colour, taste, yummyness, all round goodness… I could go on. Also on offering were fantastic fresh juices in little water jugs and excellent bites to suit all tastes.

So if you’re in need of a Sunday lift, head on down to this funky, cool, talented establishment. Well worth it.

Ootong & Lincoln; South Fremantle: 4.5/5 owls

Looking in on Sunday arvo: Ootong & Lincoln; South Fremantle

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Also of note Ootong & Lincoln participated in the Dine Smart 2011 campaign (as part of the Street Smart program). Check out what these guys do and support a great cause with your coffee. 


The Daily Espresso Bar: Claremont Cres, Swanbourne


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Have you ever seen cardboard seats? Well think about a packing box folded into a stool, and thats what you’ll find as you stroll up to this cute little coffee box in Swanbourne. There is other seating in case you’re worried, but regardless of where you sit you’re bound to get an excellent coffee.

As you walk in you’ll feel nice and relaxed with the minimalistic interior and chilled atmosphere. The staff are warm, friendly and always up for a chat. A great place to meet with a friend or two, or simply sit with the paper and peruse the headlines.

The Daily is fab for a marvellous 5 senses coffee, a small bite to eat (I strongly recommend the muffins!) and a warm cosy feeling as you step inside this perfect little coffee bar.

The Daily Espresso Bar, Swanbourne: 4/5 Owls

The Daily: Swanbourne

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The Attic: Bannister St Fremantle


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This intimate little coffee shop hidden amongst the industrial brick buildings, provides a cosy hide-away. We were so excited as we stepped inside and were hit with a delightful caffeinated aroma. As we ordered from the friendly staff and ascended the stairs into the attic space decked out with raw wood tables and suitcases hanging from the ceiling we took a table in the middle. The rustic atmosphere was completed by the melodic tones of Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones.

Much can be said about the first taste of a coffee. This usually starts with the froth on top which’s should invite you in with its hint of coffee and creamy milk. However, on this occasion I was shocked by the bitterness that met me. Unfortunately on further investigation the liquid underneath did not provide any relief, instead tasting bitter and burnt.

On this occasion the Attic disappointed, the coffee just didn’t match up to the great atmosphere. It was just not a memorable coffee experience.

The Attic Fremantle: 2.5/5 owls

The view from the attic: The Attic, Fremantle

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Elixir Coffee: Stirling Hwy Nedlands


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This morning felt a little slow to start so I was really looking forward to my daily grind. I was really in need of a good pick-me-up so I ordered my usual latte from Elixir in Nedlands. I felt a little deflated as I walked in and wasn’t greeted with their usual cheery staff, instead I got a curt nod and a mumbled hello. Maybe he felt a bit like me this morning. 

However, after I’d taken a seat with a copy of vogue and flicked through the the first 20 odd pages of adds at the front my much anticipated coffee arrived. Relief spread through me. The colour, the aroma, the pretty heart patten on the perfect amount of latte froth, and in the correct sized glass! Success! My morning was indeed looking up. 

Elixir is a quirky little joint hidden just off Stirling Hwy with a mod fit-out and cute baby blue cups and saucers. They have their own blend of coffee, The Elixir blend and also a seasonal esspresso variety which is from brazil at the moment. You can also grab some brekky with your morning caffeine fix or some lunch if you require an afternoon reviver. 

Fairly average prices for Perth, $3.50 dine in, or $4.40 for a large takeaway. 

Elixir Nedlands: 3.5/5 owls

Elixir Nedlands: Latte

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Wild Poppy: Wray Ave Fremantle


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If you’re into your eclectic vintage miss-mash of crochet throw rugs to wrap up in to ward off this crazy wet weather, then head down to Wild Poppy in Freo. This shabby chic coffee hide out is just out of the way of freo’s main cafe strip which makes you feel all warm and cozy. The lovely friendly staff always have a smile on their face to greet you as you step into a collection of colourful couches, arm chairs and doily covered lamp shades hanging above. And the coffee is ok- but needs to be a bit warmer, especially in this cold weather. It was fine for the first few sips, but was cold by the end which was a bit disappointing. The english breakfast tea however- well they got that bang on colourful crochet tea cozy and all. It must be the alternative vibe urging you to drink tea over coffee. But i wanted my coffee…

The menu is also pretty groovy and cakes and sweet treats abound to tease you into submission. But don’t expect your muffin warmed up unless you ask.

You can always get a take-way Mr. or Mrs. for $4.10 but watch the temperature!

Overall, not a bad place to get coffee if you’re in need to shelter from the storm.

Wild Poppy Fremantle: 3/5 owls

Wild Poppy

Wild Poppy: FW and English Breakfast tea with tea cozy

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Chimbalino: Eric St Cottesloe


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So we thought we’d start with a good grind. Affectionately named Chimbas to the locals, this coffee house does indeed serve up a good cup- if you can actually choose which type of coffee/ tea/ juice you want. Including the usual flat white, latte, cap there are also specialties such as the Nicky. The Nicky coffee is stronger then a latte but not quite a long mac but definitely enough the wake you up. I’m sure if you asked the lovely friendly staff they would be more then happy to give you a more detailed explanation including where the beans came from and how long ago they were ground. 

They also have a delectable range of teas (my personal favourite is the lemongrass) and juices (can’t go past the watermelon and mango… wow). They also have a great breakfast menu, cakey things and lunch noms. 

Its a place to get a good daily grind. 

Chimbalino Eric St: 4/5 owls 


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Suburban Owl


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Ever been totally disappointed with your daily grind? Too milky? Burnt beans? Beans haven’t been changed since coffee was invented? You asked for a latte and been given a milkshake sized glass? Well you’re not alone. But enough is enough. It’s time to spill the beans on where to get a good brew and where to avoid at all costs unless you like your coffee tasting like something from the dishwasher.

Join the coffee revolution and put an end to bad coffee. Here we will endeavour to seek out the best (and worst) grinds around town.

Yours truly,

Suburban Owl

Suburban Owl